Creationist Worldview Tour  

Each time you log in to the Creationist Worldview Program you will see the Progress Overview page, which contains several important features to note.

Menu, consisting of five (5) global menu buttons:

  • Progress Overview – a snapshot of where you are in your studies and what your next step is. This is the “Home Page” of the program.
  • Search ICR Online Resources – access to ICR’s advanced search feature, allowing you to dig deeper in your creation studies through articles written by ICR faculty members and creation scientists, theologians, and educators from around the world.
  • My Account – access to change your student password.
  • Logout – allows you to quickly exit the program.
  • Help – access to help features regarding technical issues, procedures, and customer service.

Current Activity, indicated by the right arrow button, shows you the next Lesson or Quiz to tackle.

Module Details, indicated by color-coded bars, shows you where you’re at in the module, what has been completed, and which Courses remain to be started.

The Creationist Worldview Program is easy to navigate and provides up-to-date information on your progress throughout your studies.